First and foremost, Parkway Presbyterian wants to be known for the gospel (i.e., “good news”) of Jesus Christ. Our primary mission is to make disciples of Jesus and to advance His name and kingdom. A parkway connects people across different communities and backgrounds. With that in mind, we seek to be an intergenerational worshipping community connected for God and neighbor.

CONNECTED FOR GOD: We were made by God and our deepest longings can only be met in God. Life is intended to be lived for God and to revolve around corporate worship. To be a Christian is to be set apart by God and connected for His glory and purposes. Christians are described in the Bible as living stones stacked upon the Cornerstone of Jesus Christ (1 Pet 2:4-5). God is to be our primary commitment, and Jesus is the foundation upon which everything is to be rooted and built (Col 2:6-7). He reigns over the church from His heavenly throne and empowers its expansion through the work of the Holy Spirit. Christ has commissioned His followers to proclaim the gospel, and He has promised to tear down the walls of hostility between people groups (Eph 2:14, Rev 5:9). This brings great hope to an area as ethnically and socioeconomically diverse as our communities.

CONNECTED FOR NEIGHBOR: We regularly say at Parkway that we are not on our streets by chance. Love of God is intended to flow out in sacrificial love of neighbor. Jesus commanded His disciples to love neighbor as self (Mark 12:31) and to be salt and light before a watching world (Matt 5:13-16, 1 Pet 2:12). To this end, we seek the welfare of our neighbors and communities in which we live (Jer 29:7). The culture is changing rapidly around us, and the church can respond in many ways that are not the model of Christ. For example, some Christians want to retreat or buffer themselves from culture, while others want to dominate the culture. Parkway Presbyterian seeks to engage our neighbors with gentleness and respect through an active presence and faithful proclamation of the gospel in word and deed.